jump start and boosting service near me

Sprinter Towing offers jump start services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, in Manitoba. A battery service might be required in different situations, such as the extreme weather, a battery in really bad shape or just forgetting to turn off your headlights might ruin your day. Sprinter Towing will be ready to help you. We provide battery jump starting service for all types of vehicles.

Jump starts and towing services are offered twenty-four hours a day at our tow truck company. Whether you just need a boost or your battery has finally touched bottom, we will be able to get you home safe and sound no matter the circumstance. We provide a tow truck service and a wide range of towing services that leave situations like these accounted for. If you have a dead battery and need a jump start or a boost, call Sprinter Towing today for a quick free quote on getting you home in a time efficient manner.

Jump start battery

Do you need a Battery boost or Jump start?

Sprinter Towing offers a more secure and reliable jump start and boosting battery for your vehicle. Our experienced staff and our tow trucks will carefully jump start your vehicle whenever you need it wherever you are.

Give us a call, sends us a SMS or WhatsApp to (204)500-2420 or use our tow truck request form

When do I need a Jump start?

Getting in the car, turning the key in your ignition and getting nothing but some weird clicks, or complete silence, can be a very frustrating experience for any driver, especially if there is no one else around to help you jump start your car. For some particular cars’ models, a lot of skill and knowledge is required during the car jump start process.

How to boost a battery?

Some cars have the battery in the front, under the hood,some cars have the battery "buried"; in the engine, in the trunk, under the driver's seat or backseat of the car, and have only emergency jump start posts that are accessible for car jump starts only.Sometimes, a good samaritan with a set of booster cables is just not enough! Turbo engines, V8 or V12 engines, newer cars require a lot of cold cranking power to turn the engine over and jump start the car.

Is it bad to give a car boost?

If the car jump start procedure is not performed properly, this could result in a very costly situation, damage to the electrical system of your car, and other complications.

How long a should I run my car after a boost?

After the battery boost service was provided, and your vehicle is running, we will check that your alternator is charging. Depending on how low your car battery was before we provided the battery boost, and the charging power of your alternator, we will recommend a minimum running time, around an hour, to ensure your vehicle will start again, and the battery was charged. Please do not turn off your engine right after the battery boost was provided, because you might not be able to start your car again if the car battery did not sufficiently charge.

How do you know when your car battery needs replacing?

Sometimes, we will recommend a new car battery, because if your car battery dies too often, or if your car battery is too old, requesting a battery boost service on continuous basis, might not be the best option. A new car battery has warranty and holds the power a lot longer than an old or malfunctioning car battery. Please ask our battery boost service tech for more details when the battery boost service is provided for your car.

Are you looking for a roadside assistance?

Did you accidentally leave your keys inside, get a flat tire or run out of gas? Luckily, Sprinter Towing will be there for you. Our roadside assistance service will provide you with the help you need if you lock yourself out of your car, need a tire changed, a jump start, requested fuel delivery or a towing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take a look to our tow truck services