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Searching for tow truck in Winnipeg or a fast tow truck now? Look no further for guaranteed satisfaction. Sprinter Towing brings professionalism, friendliness and affordability each and every time we serve.

We bring you the best quality car lockout assistance 24 hours a day. This means you won’t have to worry about reaching a nearby dealership, which might be closed after hours.

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you’ve closed the car door and realize you’velocked the keys inside, especially if you’ve left it running. You just wish you had an “undo” button, bu tunfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Whether you’ve locked your keys in the car, or lost the keys, Sprinter Towing can provide lock outassistance, so you’ll be back on the road quickly and without damaging to your car.

Typically, our lock out service technicians can arrive at your location within 30 minutes of your call. Ourhighly trained and reliable locksmith professionals use a soft easy wedge that slides between the carframe and the door to create enough space to insert a special scratch-free tool that unlocks the buttonwithout damaging your car.

Sprinter Towing experts can unlock cars, vans, pickup trucks, and motorcycles in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas any time of the day or night. Force is never applied, so you won’t have to worry aboutany paint scratching or window breaking at any point. In just minutes, one of our professional and careful car locksmith technicians will safely unlock your car and retrieve those keys from inside the car with no damage to your vehicle. You'll be back home before anyone even notices.

What truly distinguishes Sprinter Towing is the level of care you receive. You can depend on us for nonstop Winnipeg car lockout services. You don’t have to be worried next time you find yourself in an emergency lockout. Just call us to save your day! Sprinter Towing experts use professional lock picking tools and devices to safely open enough space to let you back inside your car. We use slim jim tools to create the wedge between the foam and door. Force is never applied, so you won’t have to worry about any paint scratching or window breaking at any point.

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Do you need a lockout service?

Sprinter Towing offers a more secure and reliable towing for your motorcycle. Our experienced staff and our tow trucks will carefully unlock your vehicle wherever you need it, wherever you are.

Give us a call, sends us a SMS or WhatsApp to (204)500-2420 or use our tow truck request form

FAQ about Lockout and unlock vehicles

This is our list of frequently asked questions and answers on the services we provide, such as, lockout, unlock vehicles, among others.

What is a vehicle lockout?

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Car lockouts are fairly common. When it happens to you, stop and breath first. Thinking calmly will help in a potentially tense situation. Ask yourself if you have a spare key anywhere. Perhaps your spouse or a trusted friend has one. If not, you can call Sprinter Towing for reliable, and professional assistance.

I Locked My Keys in My Car, Should I Panic?

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No, you shouldn’t. People lock keys inside their car all the time and they call us to get the keys out. Ourservice is fast and priced fairly. Need car locksmith service? Give us a call today.

Can Sprinter Towing unlock my car?

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Sprinter Towing will send service to gain access to the vehicle if the keys are locked inside, you've lost the key, or the ignition key is broken, and the vehicle is inoperable.

Are you looking for a roadside assistance?

Did you accidentally leave your keys inside, get a flat tire or run out of gas? Luckily, Sprinter Towing will be there for you. Our roadside assistance service will provide you with the help you need if you lock yourself out of your car, need a tire changed, a jump start, requested fuel delivery or a towing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take a look to our tow truck services