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When most people think of towing, they think of a big tow truck. Towing technicians and tow trucks do a lot more than that for cars, but what about for motorcycles? How are they taken care of? Motorcycle towing is quite different from car towing or truck towing, but they both come down to the same things: safety, security, and efficient, quality service. When a professional team is taking care of your bike, you can feel confident that it is safe and secure, and that it will be taken care of.

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These are the best ways known to tow a motorcycle

  • Using a towing trailer. Whether you have your own towing trailer or borrow one from a friend,this has proven to be the most secure way to tow a motorcycle
  • Using a motorcycle carrier. These are much less abrasive compared to towing trailers and stillprovides a safe and secure way of towing your motorcycle.
  • Using a tow dolly. This is the easiest and simplest way of towing a motorcycle. This also takes upway less space than a towing trailer or a motorcycle carrier.

Towing Trailer

Towing a motorcycle using a trailer is the most popular and obvious option when you are needing to transport such a large machine. Most people like this way of towing because it looks and feels more secure and is also large enough to be noticed by other drivers who will normally drive a safe distance away.

This option does, however, require the most effort.

Motorcycle Carrier

Using a motorcycle carrier is a lot simpler and more convenient compared to using a motorcycle trailer. This is an excellent alternative if you are towing with a truck, SUV, or a motor home. A lot of peopleprefer this way because it is not as much of an extra tag-a-long behind their vehicle like it is with a towing trailer.

This carrier also includes an anti-tilt mechanism that helps prevent too much movement and wobblingwhile towing. It also supplies an adjustable wheel chock to ensure your bike stays secure.

The average motorcycle weighs about 400 pounds. The maximum load for the motorcycle carrier isabout 600 pounds, so it is able to tow most motorcycles. If you are worried about weight and have any extra add-ons to your motorcycle, perhaps you can remove them temporarily and store them in the back seat to make the motorcycle weigh less.

It is important to remember that you should never exceed the 600-pound weight limit and make sureyou have a class III or IV trailer hitch.

Tow Dolly

This is one of the most underestimated and underused ways to tow a motorcycle; you do not see many people using this method. Using a tow dolly is about the easiest way you can tow your machine. Yousimply hook the front tire (and always the front tire, never the back) to the dolly with the back tire on the road. You will need to put your motorcycle in neutral so the back tire will easily turn with no damage to your motorcycle.

The tow dolly offers a way to tow your motorcycle safely and securely while also saving space. The maximum load the tow dolly can carry is 800 pounds (meaning the weight of the entire bike, eventhough it is just the front of it weighing on the dolly). There is no need for blinkers or break lights to setup as the motorcycle is skinny enough for drivers behind to see the lights of your car.

Items You will Need Regardless of How You Tow

Whichever way you decide to tow your motorcycle, be sure to always make certain your motorcycle issecure. Though towing a motorcycle does not have to be hard, it can still be dangerous if you do not doit right. Here are some items you will need to ensure your safety:

  • Towing Straps: You should never haul any type of vehicle without using towing straps. Towing straps arewhat keeps your motorcycle and vehicle safe during a transport.
  • Chocks: Chocks are especially helpful if you are using a trailer to tow your motorcycle. It is dangerous touse mobile chocks that do not fasten down as these will be lost at high speeds while towing.
  • Hitch: Obviously, you will need a hitch attached to your car in order to tow anything. Hitches are verycar specific, so you will need to look in your owner’s manual or call your dealership to determine theright size if you do not already have one on your vehicle.

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