MOTORCYCLE TOWING - Winnipeg, Manitoba

When most people think of towing, they think of a big tow truck. Towing technicians and tow trucks do a lot more than that for cars, but what about for motorcycles? How are they taken care of? Motorcycle towing is quite different from car towing or truck towing, but they both come down to the same things: safety, security, and efficient, quality service. When a professional team is taking care of your bike, you can feel confident that it is safe and secure, and that it will be taken care of.

A motorcycle cannot be towed with a dolly because it will not be secure or stable. It can be transported via a normal truck bed, but without a wheel cradle and securing straps the bike can slide around and get banged up. For optimal security and quality transportation, a motorcycle has to be towed on a flatbed cargo bed with a wheel cradle and appropriate straps. This process ensures that the bike does not slide and become damaged or scratched as it is transported to the designated location.

With motorcycle towing, experience and knowledge is important. A professional hand will know how to do it properly and ensure that your motorcycle does not get damaged in any way, shape, or form during transport. Our staff of experienced towing technicians knows how to properly tow a motorcycle. With our 24/7 services, and competitive pricing, Sprinter Towing is the best in professional motorcycle towing in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas.