WINCHING SERVICE - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sprinter Towing offers winching services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, in Manitoba. Sprinter Towing is specialized in winching services. We have vehicles and equipment designed to winch almost any vehicle (car, SUV, RV, truck) back onto the road.

Winching is a common roadside assistance service that involves using a motorized axle and strong cable to pull a vehicle out of a precarious situation. A professional roadside assistance service such as Sprinter Towing hooks a heavy-duty tow cable onto a stable and safe location on the undercarriage of your car. Where the cable gets hooked will depend on several different factors such as how accessible your vehicle’s undercarriage is in its current situation and your car’s condition. After your vehicle has been secured with the cable, an electric or hydraulic motor will then pull the cable towards the truck, safely and slowly pulling your car out of the snow bank, ditch or other dangerous situation that it is in.

When do I need a winch?

Winching might be necessary if other roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services are unsafe or fail. A majority of wrecker services try using conventional towing methods prior to resorting to winch a vehicle from a dangerous situation. Whenever a vehicle gets stuck on a steep incline or a dangerous situation like having suffered serious damage or flood, it might be easier and safer to attach a two cable to the vehicle and winch it to safety instead of driving or towing it out of the situation.

Winching is an effective and safe vehicle recovery method that is offered by a majority of roadside assistance services. In some situations, winching is safer and easier that traditional recovery or towing methods.