Discovering towing companies in Winnipeg


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August 28, 2022

Discovering towing companies in Winnipeg

Discovering towing companies in Winnipeg

We start a series of posts trying to describe the towing industry in Winnipeg from our perspective. What kind of towing companies did we find, how are the customers and the employees, how is to have to deal with the harsh weather of Manitoba, and what are the challenges we dealt with. Of course, it will be charged with subjectivity as it will be based on our experience, and the people who we have been dealing with.

What kind of towing companies are in Winnipeg?

We grouped, from our point of view, the towing companies in Winnipeg mainly into two groups, big companies, and small companies. Small companies, in general, could be described as towing companies with one tow truck driven by the owner, an owner-operator. 

Big companies, like Champion Towing, Tartan Towing, and Dr. Hook Towing hold big contracts, like MPI, vehicle accidents, and removal of vehicles parked in forbidden areas. These big companies seem to have a large fleet however they are also subcontracting small companies to be able to fulfill their obligations. On the other hand, small companies need to work as a contractor due to they don’t have enough clients to keep them in business. One of the reasons they cannot have enough clients is the nature of this industry, people request a tow truck when they have an emergency, and they cannot wait, and a sole-person business often is not available when previous customers contact them, or they cannot have the structure to support what a client requires like responding calls, SMS, send quotes, as at that moment they might be driving. For that reason, people tend to contact big companies, as they have that supporting structure, but as they hold big contracts, they have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill, and often they might not have tow trucks available, the other counterpart is that the quality of the service will depend of which driver their send, one of their own fleet or a subcontractor, so the result may vary.

Where is Sprinter Towing compared with other towing companies in Winnipeg? 

We are working hard to be in the middle between the big and the small towing companies. We offer very good communication with our customers, availability and reliable quality of services. Our goal is to be able to provide you with help, whenever you need it.