FAQs About Roadside Assistance Services


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August 1, 2020

FAQs About Roadside Assistance Services

You have probably insured your home against emergencies, but have you given it although what you would do if your car suddenly stopped functioning in the middle of nowhere? Roadside assistance services cover you when you require someone rescuing you and your vehicle after it just brokedown.

It does not matter how frequent you are with your car’s scheduled maintenance; you still never know when you are going to drive on a bumpy road and experience car malfunction. Whether it is a dead car battery, faulty transmission, or flat tire, it’s best to plan for it and always be ready to respond to such setbacks by contracting with expert road side emergency services.

We present you withsome of the frequently asked questions about roadside assistance:

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance refers to a set of services that you can use when you are having car trouble anywhere, including at home, at work, in a parking lot, and on the side of the road. This service can help you in different ways, such as jump-starting a dead car battery, changing a flat tire, towing your vehicle to a nearby repair shop, delivering emergency fuel, recovering car keys, and more.

It is an add-oncoverage that comes to your rescue if your car breaks down unexpectedly and also you get stranded in a remote area.

What Does Roadside Assistance Usually Cover?

Emergency roadside assistance usually covers basic tasks that would help your vehicleback on the road. These services generally consist of:

  • Towing your vehicle if cannot be driven or has any mechanical issues
  • Delivering fuel to your car if it runs out of gas
  • Unlocking your vehicle if you are locked out
  • Jump-starting your vehicle if its battery runs out of charge
  • Changing a flat tire

Can I Call Roadside Assistance to My House?

Yes, you can undoubtedly call your service provider for help if you are having trouble starting your vehicle or having any other mechanical issues. Don’t let the term “roadside assistance” get you confused!

How Much Does It Cost to Get Roadside Assistance?

Since you never know when and where you are going to get stranded in your car, most of the towing companies provide estimates about the final cost of their services. It usually depends on your location of car trouble and the distance your service provider must cover to reach you.

The greater the distance they must cover, the higher the cost of their service will be. Similarly, if your vehicle stops working in a remote area or an off-road locality, the expenses of availing the roadside assistance will rise.