Types of Gas Cans


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November 11, 2020

Types of Gas Cans


Metal fuel containers are typically more expensive than the plastic variation, with some reaching twice the price. These gasoline cans are best if you’re planning to store the fuel for longer periods of time without losing structural integrity. They can, however, begin to rust under certain conditions. In case of fire, a metal container can explode, potentially causing injury. Overall, metal cans can hold more fuel than plastic ones and offer more durability but are heavier and bulkier as a trade off.


Plastic gas cans are cheaper, lighter, and less bulky than metal ones, but this user friendliness comes at a price. They absorb fuel and chemicals when kept filled over long periods of time, weakening the structure of the can. In case of fire, plastic cans will melt, but won’t explode. If kept properly, this type of gas can is a great option.

Benefits of a Gas Can

  • Store extra gas. If you have a gasoline-powered generator in your home or shop, you’ll likely want to store extra gas to fill it up in case you need it. Quality gas cans help you achieve that goal.
  • Transport fuel. A car running out of gas is annoying. With the use of a gas can, you can transport fuel to the affected vehicle, quickly, safely, and easily.
  • Avoid noxious fumes. Properly sealed gas cans prevent harmful fumes from escaping the container. That’s an important safety feature that protects your health and safety.
  • Fill up equipment. Lots of construction equipment requires gasoline to function. Gas can make fueling up that equipment a breeze.

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