Winter Survival Items


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September 14, 2020

Winter Survival Items

Top Survival Items to Keep in Your Vehicle This Winter

Being one of the most sought-after towing services in Winnipeg, Sprinter Towing cannot be thankful enough to our esteemed clients. In the many years serving Winnipeg, we have had our fair share of witnessing situations that are just too scary and problematic, for us and our clients both. Years of emergency vehicle recovery services have taught us many vital survival tactics. Therefore, we have dedicated this blog entry to help you prepare for this coming winter.

We have shortlisted some of the essential things you can keep in your vehicle to help you survive in the off chance that you encounter a vehicle break-down in the snow this winter.

  • Tire Chains
  • Jumper Cables or Vehicle Battery Charger
  • Flashlight
  • Solar Cell Phone Charger
  • Gloves, boots, and Winter coats
  • Hand and feet warmers
  • Survival Knife
  • First Aid Kit
  • Shovel

Sprinter Towing is a master of emergency vehicle recovery and towing services, especially in Winnipeg. We are fully prepared and amply equipped to help with any roadside assistance. We encourage our clients to visit our home page for a better understanding of our services or call us so we can guide you personally.