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Sprinter Towing is your one-stop-shop for all your roadside assistance needs in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas of Manitoba. We pride ourselves on providing honest, reliable, and affordable towing and roadside assistance services to our customers.

Whether you accidentally locked your keys inside your car, have a flat tire, or run out of gas, Sprinter Towing is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our expert roadside assistance team is highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that your vehicle is in safe hands. We offer a range of services including jump start, lockout services, tire changes, and fuel delivery.

At Sprinter Towing, we understand the importance of responding quickly in emergency situations. Our experienced team will get right to work, and we know exactly what needs to be done since we have several years of experience handling a wide variety of projects of different scopes. We use cutting-edge equipment, maintaining high standards of professionalism, and working in a timely manner.

If you need a tow in Winnipeg or surrounding areas, Sprinter Towing is the professional tow truck service company you have been looking for. We offer the cheapest and most reliable towing service for every situation. Our fleet of tow trucks can handle light to heavy vehicles, and our reliable technicians know how to use these tools rapidly and effectively.

When it comes to roadside assistance and towing services, you need a company that you can rely on. Sprinter Towing is there for you when nobody else is around. Contact us today for a quick free quote and experience our excellent and efficient services for yourself.

Give us a call, sends us a SMS or WhatsApp to (204)500-2420 or use our tow truck request form

FAQ about towing and roadside assistance

This is our list of frequently asked questions and answers on the services we provide, such as, towing, jump start, motorcycle towing, flat tire, flatbed towing, lockout, winch, among others.

What are Sprinter Towing Hours?

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Sprinter Towing is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Accident towing isn’t on a schedule and neither are we.

How to contact Sprinter Towing?

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You could contact Sprinter Towing through different channels. Phone call or SMS. Phone applications as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business, Instagram. Our website, using the request form or the contact form. We continue working adding more channels to be ready for your request.
Give us a call, sends us a SMS or WhatsApp to (204)500-2420 or use our tow truck request form

How is Sprinter Towing different from other Winnipeg towing companies?

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Sprinter Towing is committed to the best, honest pricing in town with no hidden charges or tricks. We are also dedicated to the best customer service, including fast arrival times. Our drivers are experienced and trained to use the most appropriate towing method for your situation. They minimize risks to ensure your car arrives safely.

I Locked My Keys in My Car, Should I Panic?

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No, you shouldn’t. People lock keys inside their car all the time and they call us to get the keys out. Ourservice is fast and priced fairly. Need car locksmith service? Give us a call today.

Do your truck drivers get any special training?

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Of course. Besides their experience, our drivers are always training to refresh their knowledge base and to learn new techniques and technology. Our tow truck drivers receive advanced training programs.

Can you tow my custom-lowered vehicle?

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We are proud to be fully licensed and insured to provide you with a diverse range of high-quality specialized towing We can accommodate your needs generally with the use of specialized equipment. We have lots of different tow trucks to tow the right job.

Are there different types of towing?

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The most common towing is a flatbed. There are also wheel-lift and frame-lift tows. In addition, there are specialized methods for motorcycles, classic cars, and larger vehicles.

Would you use a flatbed to tow my all wheel drive?

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Not necessarily. There are several methods that will do very nicely. We would need to discuss this further if you requested us to not use a flatbed – or if you needed rapid service.

I have an automatic transmission car. Can it be towed with the drive wheels on the ground?

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It is possible if it is only towed a short distance and at a lower speed. It is best to have each situation analyzed.

Is it hard on the vehicle when it is towed?

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The suspension usually absorbs the bumps along the way, as long as it is lifted by its own tires.

How do I know if I need a flatbed to tow my vehicle?

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Flatbed towing is usually recommended for:

  • all-wheel and 4-wheel drive cars
  • if there is extensive damage
  • flat tire opposite the drive axle
  • antique, classic, or luxury cars

What types of drivetrain could be towed?

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There are four different types of drivetrain are all-wheel-drive (AWD), front wheel drive (FWD), rear wheel drive (RWD), and 4WD (4 wheel drive). All of them could be towed by Sprinter Towing.

What information do I need when I call you?

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We need as much information as possible to identify and locate you. Detailed information about the vehicle and incident also helps us dispatch the right type of tow truck and give you an accurate quote.

  • Name and contact information
  • Location (pick up and destination)
  • Vehicle information (drivetrain, height, weight)
  • Reason (flat tire, mechanical failure)

What is the best roadside assistance plan?

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With a CAA Manitoba Membership, you have access to benefits and services exclusive to CAA Members. Whether you drive a little or a lot, CAA offers a range of benefits to suit your needs. Besides CAA offers CAA Rewards®

How much is a CAA membership in Canada?

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There are different types of memberships you can enroll into. The Classic one is $70 per year, the Plus one is $114 per year and the Premier one is $144 per year. These values are approximately and they may change, for more information, visit CAA’s website

How does CAA towing work?

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We're here to help you stay on the road, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.
Whether it's changing a flat tire, testing and boosting a battery, unlocking your doors or towing, we'll help you get on your way. As your most trusted advisor on automotive issues, we've created automotive services that will provide you with what you need to know to keep your car moving!

Do CAA members get free towing?

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Here is the detailed coverage for a member with a Basic plan:

  • Four service calls Towing distance of 10 km** per call
  • Free emergency fuel delivery
  • Locksmith for vehicles up to $50
  • Battery boosting & testing
  • Free TourBooks, maps, online TripTiks
  • Trip interruption up to $300 (accident only)
  • Drive You Home
  • Bike Assist
  • Passport photos ($9.95/set of 2)
  • Member pricing on merchandise
  • Exclusive savings with CAA Rewards
  • Earn CAA Dollars
  • No booking fees on travel
  • Exclusive Member Discounts on Insurance

For more information, visit CAA’s website

How many free tows do you get with CAA?

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It depends on the plan you have. Whether you have a Basic or Plus plan, it covers four services per year. If you have the Premier plan you can use 5 services per year.
For more information, visit CAA’s website

Can CAA tow from my house?

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Yes, for sure. CAA can tow from any part of the city you are, just call them and ask for this service.
For more information, visit CAA’s website

How long does it take to change 4 tires?

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Most estimates say that it should take around 45 minutes to mount four tires on an average vehicle.

How much does tire change cost?

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Most car shops will charge you at least $100-$160 + tax for the mounting, balancing, and installation. At twice a year, you're spending this amount at shops plus the appointment waiting time. Sprinter Towing offers a cheaper tire change service without waiting time at the comfort of your place.

Who can you call for a flat tire?

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Call Sprinter Towing without hesitation and we’ll be there to help you as soon as possible with your flat tire.

How much does changing a tire cost?

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Feel free to contact our experienced team at Sprinter Towing to get a quote in the moment or check our prices

What is a vehicle lockout?

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Car lockouts are fairly common. When it happens to you, stop and breath first. Thinking calmly will help in a potentially tense situation. Ask yourself if you have a spare key anywhere. Perhaps your spouse or a trusted friend has one. If not, you can call Sprinter Towing for reliable, and professional assistance.

Can Sprinter Towing unlock my car?

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Sprinter Towing will send service to gain access to the vehicle if the keys are locked inside, you've lost the key, or the ignition key is broken, and the vehicle is inoperable.

What is winching?

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A winch is a hauling or lifting device. A rope, cable, or chain winds around a horizontal drum. Winching is used to pull vehicles from roadside areas that are not easily accessible, including mud, snow, or sand.

What is the meaning of winch?

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A winch is a machine which is used to lift heavy objects or people who need to be rescued. It consists of a drum around which a rope or chain is wound.

How to safely store gasoline?

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  • Gasoline must be stored in an approved fuel can or tank – usually 20 litres or less. Be sure to leave some room in the container to allow for some expansion
  • Keep gasoline containers tightly sealed and handle them gently to avoid spills
  • Store gasoline at room temperature, away from potential heat sources such as the sun, a hot water heater, a space heater or a furnace
  • Store gasoline in a detached shed or garage – at least 50 feet away from ignition sources, such as pilot lights. Gasoline vapors are heavier than air and can travel along the floor to ignition sources
  • Be sure to check with your local authorities for any additional regulations regarding fuel storage


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